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The Wealth Alchemist, is an investment lifestyle brand engaged in transforming yourself, your wealth and your planet by investing in inspiration, education and innovation.

I am your partner in creating a sustainable, wealthy and limitless life. 

Your dynamic source for listening to tomorrows game changers, innovators and mega investment trends.  I curate the world’s most cutting edge companies and the leaders behind them to give you access normally reserved for Wall Street’s most elite clients.

My inspirational blog is going to feed you intellectually, soulfully and financially as well as being a catalyst for transformation.  I explore mega-investment trends, the cutting edge of longevity science, disease prevention, plant-based economies+ to put on your portfolio watch list.

My courses bring people of all ages into the investment world in an engaging, modern and fun way. We develop financial confidence through a variety of lenses; teens, young adults, millennials, women, mega-investment trends, sustainability, venture capital+. 

Latest podcast

Nikolina Lauc- CEO of GlycanAge- Learn how they are unlocking the human glycome for preventative health and longevity. GlycanAge is a precision health company that has the only biological age test that accurately measures your unique response to lifestyle change, via their unique blood test. | This episode is brought to you by Pause Well Aging, a well-aging company that is more than just skincare. It’s a movement affirming that beauty gets better with age. |

Meet Shannon

With over 25 years experience managing portfolios and advising individuals, family offices and institutions on their wealth, I am well placed to guide you on a path of financial confidence.

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