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A Financial Equality and Longevity Platform for Women

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Our Value Proposition, Your Life of Abundance

  • Voice BITE: a voice text that covers that weeks key topics that contribute to a “holistic wealth” life; yourself, your wealth & your planet! Weekly 🚀 rocket fuel for your wealthy life! 
  • Blog Post on financial markets and/or financial literacy topic
  • Inspirational Post to promote mindfulness and explore stoicism as a centering practice.
  • Members only podcast by Shannon on a curated topic to move forward female financial equality
  • A LIVE (& recorded) Interview or lecture with a specialist, fund manager, entrepreneur and more on a wide variety of subjects; yourself, your wealth, your planet
  • Guest Bloggers on specific subjects to accelerate your equality, health, wealth & freedom
  • New Investment or Financial Literacy Course will be added to the portal.  Watch at your leisure as often as you like. 
  • Thematic Reports:
    • ie. Female Financial Abdication
    • Demographic trends
    • Mega-Investment Trends
    • Health & Wellness 
    • Climate & Pro-Planet
    • More+
  • Any member who refers an annual paying or LUNA membership will receive a referral fee. ($65 fee for annual and $125 for a Luna membership)
  • We will negotiate price discounts for products and services that are aligned with the portal and we believe you will benefit from knowing about.
    • ie. Sustainable products
    • ie. Products that don’t have ingredients sourced from child labor
  • GLOCAL Love
    • We will evolve the platform to give members the ability to highlight their own businesses.
    • We encourage members to seek out the products and services from the community to further female financial equality and strength.

Having access to professionals such as:

  • Wealth Management & Robo Advisors
  • divorce attorneys & coaching
  • disability, life & long-term care insurance providers
  • mental health specialists
  • nutritionists
  • career coaches
  • and MUCH more
is integral to your over all well-being,  longevity & FREEDOM

Many of us have been groomed by society, maybe our parents, our cultures, our religions and our communities to fit into a specific “GOLDILOCKS female” box. 

  • If we want to have a career, be more masculine but not too much. 
  • Be pretty but not sexy.
  • Marry well- financial- is the bit left unsaid but understood. 
  • Take some risk but not too much. 
  • Have a career but make sure you also have children and are ready to care for your elderly parents in the future.

We grow up with so many expectations and chains around our necks that we hardly notice them until it is almost too late.

The Wealth Pack community aims to give you the keys to unlock the chains or give you the tools to keep them from being put on in the first place! 

This sisterhood will inspire, encourage, educate and most importantly arm you with the unequivocal belief that true happiness and wealth start with loving yourself. We will create a global, interwoven community of love & true wealth.

Our members will invest in themselves, their wealth, their health, their communities and their planet! 

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