Will Nitze; CEO & Founder IQBAR

Like many entrepreneurs before him, Will solved a problem for himself, then created a product for others who were also suffering. The standard American diet is causing a wide variety of health issues, from obesity, brain fog and diabetes to cancer, heart disease and more. At a fairly young age, Will noticed his cognitive performance dropping and set out to change his diet. The result, drastically improved health and a new business!
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The standard American diet is not good. it is deficient in a bunch of things that are fundamental to our body and brain working well. we try to solve for that.

Podcast Summary

Will Nitze tells us the story from developing cognitive and physical decline to healing himself with a vastly improved diet.

He gives us detailed insight into how he found his first “angel” investors as well as how his sales pipeline developed.

A fascinating start-up story that will inspire listeners to consider taking action on their own physical and cognitive health as well as some of the trials and tribulations of a “fast moving consumer goods” startup.

Podcast topic highlights

  • People curious about how food, nutritious food, can boost cognitive and physical performance.
  • Those who are keen to learn about how a “fast moving consumer goods” company gets it initial funding.  Angel investors and running a Kickstarter campaign.
  • You are curious about improving your overal health; learn about some of the missing minerals in our current diet and why something like Magnesium L-threonate is so important to brain health. 
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers; Hear why this unexpected consumer group market  started buyin a LOT of their hydration product, IQMix.
  • Generally interested into Start-up and founder life.  Insights from the Covid trenches.

Rapid Fire

  • Most Recommended Book(s): 
  • Best $100 or less he spent in the last year:  A nice dinner with his wife.
  • Material Change from Pandemic: works from home since the pandemic.  Domesticated his life processes.  Managing a remote team. 

Will’s definition of a wealthy life: Freedom.  Wake up and do anything you want.

The Shot Caller Podcast

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