Wealth Building:Investment Literacy

“The journey of a 1000 miles begins with one.”  Your limitless future awaits…

YouTube Tutorials

Explore my mini-investment tutorials on a wide variety of Wall Street related topics from short-selling to spectacular investment trends


Our investment courses are designed to address a wide variety of topics; investment fundamentals for women, TEEN Investment Academy, future mega-investment trends you need to know about; food, energy, space, blockchain, longevity, gaming and so much more!

1-1 Coaching

A Wealth Building Road Map package that includes 3- 90 minute tailored coaching sessions to 1) reduce fear & anxiety 2) increase investment literacy and confidence 3) establish key wealth goals 4) learn about disruptive investment trends; future of food, energy, space, medicine + 5) Step into your wealthy, limitless power!

Upcoming Courses

My courses build financial confidence and encourage further pursuit of financial independence while maintaining a sense of fun and lightheartedness.

Popular YouTube tutorials

Need more help taking control of your finances? Book a 1-1 session with me!

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