We are all investors. The Question is, what are you investing in?

We are all investors, the question is where are you investing? Are you investing in limited beliefs, pain, regret or even victimhood? Or, are you investing in yourself, financial and investment literacy, a healthy planet for your children or loved one's? Are you investing in future exponential, sustainable technologies?

We are all Investors. We invest every minute, hour and day...but in what?

  • Some of us invest in pain, negativity, and limited beliefs
  • Others invest in the past, in regret, in blame.
  • And even more invest in anxiety, insecurity, and victimhood.
  • Are you investing in “stuff” because your friend has it or someone you follow on Instagram?
  • Are you investing in financial abdication– letting a partner, or someone else determine the quality of your life in retirement?
    • In a 2019 UBS study of 3,700 married women globally:
      • Swiss women abdicated decision making to their spouse for their financial future at a rate of 69%
      • Hong Kong at 71%
      • Singapore women at 72%
Most people fail in life because they major in minor things
Tony Robbins
Author, Coach, Speaker & Philanthropist

I believe it is more profitable to invest in...

  • knowledge, in kindness, in personal growth!
  • Do you actively invest in gratitude?
  • Are you investing in making the planet a better place for your children?
  • Are you investing in your financial future?
    • In investment literacy & confidence
    • In understanding your TRUE risk?
      • Outliving your assets?
      • Not being able to afford the lifestyle you have today because you invested too conservatively?
      • Understanding the consequences of “gray divorce?”
      •  Missing out on some of the biggest technological trends around the corner?
  • Are you investing in assets that will work for you while you live a more fulfilling life?

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What is The Wealth Alchemist Investing in?

  •  I am investing in a revolution.
  • I am investing in global, social justice and financial equality.

How do I achieve this?

  • By building generations of female wealth.
  • I am INVESTING in YOU!


Because even when women aren’t investing in themselves-and I will die trying to get them to- they are investing in their families, their communities and quite often, their planet.  71% of women in one survey said they prioritize sustainable investing vs. only 58% of their male counterparts. 

Join Me in building female financial wealth for the benefit of ALL people on this planet!

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