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Where do we get our money patterns and beliefs from? Do you mirror how your parent(s) handled money? How can you identify your limiting beliefs around money, release past trauma and create a positive energy around money? Equal parts practical information and behavioural science insight! This is a short, punchy and transformative podcast for anyone wanting to change their relationship with all aspects of money!
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mindful money coaching

They need to start on their own journey, It starts with an awakening. When you fix you, you can then fix the things around you.

Ilana Jankowitz, Founder Mindful Money Coaching

Podcast Summary

This podcast with Ilana Jankowitz addresses the why and how to fix our relationship with money; if it isn’t serving us.  Here are some of the questions we cover in this podcast.  

  • Do you mirror how your parent(s) handled money?
  • How can you identify your limiting beliefs around money, release past trauma and create a positive energy around money?  
  • Do your beliefs around money spill over into your personal relationships? 
  • Is it time to shed these old beliefs and live without shame & guilt to thrive?

Early Childhood Trauma

There can be a lot of shame, secrecy and guilt around money.  When you come from scarcity and poverty, it can be even harder to have a positive and healthy relationship with money.  Listen to what Ilana has to teach on how any traumatic experience in childhood stays with you, until you decide to address it.  It becomes part of you and it is common to try to “fill this emotional void” with a variety of dopamine driven moments. 

Retail Therapy or Addiction?

Ilana has counselled a wide variety of women who have tried to emotionally fill a hole left from some trauma, with endorphins; from shopping to plastic surgery to even drug addiction.  Once you peel back the layers of behaviour, what you are often left with is an unresolved trauma.  This is where you start to heal.

Community is Everything

Her coaching style places a strong emphasis on community.  She runs a 12 week program and each group has their own WhatsApp group.  Ilana shares some stories of how the women really support each other on their new journey.

Mindful Money Workshops-with Ilana

  1. Money DNA: Transforming your Money Reality
  2. Creating Abundance: By understanding Money Block
  3. Vision Boards: Creating a vision for your future
  4. Goal Setting: Planning your goals for the next 3 years

Money is Energy; You decide to live in Abundance or Scarcity

Our discussion takes a slightly more esoteric turn, but you know how I love these deep discussions!  Awakening to our true potential, understanding the money has its own energy and being aware of our certain money “archetypes,” are all discussed. 

Rapid Fire

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